The Witches Dance Played like Paganini

Reprinted from Westfälische Rundschau

The benefit concert to help Bulgaria in the Protestant Johann Church of Voerde was truly a masterful concert. It should certainly have been made available to a larger music-loving public.

Without a doubt, the demanding program would have enriched the Concert Society of Gevelsberg. With Joseph Gold (violin) and Filip Pavlov (piano), two of the world's best musicians on tour in Europe at important musical centers, also performed in Ennepetal.

Violin playing with all the subtleties

With the last work of the program, the "Witches Dance," Gold drew upon the entire range of his skills: the violin technique he has developed to perfection with all the tricks and subtleties, especially the execution of the "flageolet" (flute-like tone) namely, the production of high tones on stringed instruments through the loose placement of a second finger. At the same time, the finger board of the violin became a race track upon which Gold's fingers "raced" in breathtaking speed while he bowed in economical up- and down- strokes -- phenomenal! It was like observing and listening to the spirit of Paganini.

Joseph Gold Presented in Premiere "Romanian Melody" by Sarasate

Mircea Stefanescu, Music Critic Ziua Newspaper, Bucharest Romania Reprinted from the Ziua Newspaper, Bucharest Romania

Acclaimed as a virtuoso and specialist in the music of Sarasate and Paganini, he gave ample proof of his virtuosity in these concerts. The audiences and critics were impressed with his great steadiness of bow and left hand. He achieved great success with the audience in performances of "Romanza Andalusa" and "Zigeunerweisen."

However, most impressive was his rendition of our own "Romanian Melody" which Gold discovered and played here for the first time. The beauty of his playing filled the audience with great enthusiasm. After the performance, I personally told Mr. Gold that his playing was like a flame; it filled the room with the warm glow of his tone, and flickered with a never-ending variety of colors.

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